Chef de Cuisine

Chef de Cuisine

The Chef de Cuisine works in collaboration with our general manager and executive chef, Beka Thoning, and is responsible for all aspects of the lodge dining experience. Typically, meal service is divided with the Pastry Chef as Breakfast Cook; and the Chef de Cuisine responsible for the lunch buffet, happy hour and multi-course plated dinner, excluding desserts. Family style lunch and dinner for the crew is also included most days of the week. As part of our leadership team, the Chef de Cuisine supervises the other kitchen staff including the Pastry and Breakfast Chef, dishwashers, servers and gardeners, and helps with menu planning and purchasing.

The chef must have ongoing willingness to learn and adhere to our high standards of service. We look for chefs who have established culinary knowledge and proficiency with preparing a variety of proteins, gourmet ingredients and artistic food presentations. Inventory and waste-management are important to us as well as catering to special diets. Long days are routine. He or she must be organized, friendly and passionate about food and the environment, and enjoy being creative, doing prep-work, interacting with guests and detail oriented cleaning.

We create a new menu each week, offering seasonal, unique and satisfying homegrown and housemade meals for our guests and crew. We serve fresh vegetables and herbs harvested from our garden and greenhouses, house-made baked goods and specialties, Alaskan seafood and local and organic animal products.

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Although each staff member specializes in a specific job, at times everyone assists with housekeeping, gardening, grounds keeping, other kitchen duties including serving and dishwashing and ongoing camp chores. This requires the ability to prioritize daily duties with flexibility and readiness to transition between jobs.

A working smartphone with cellular service is required.


As well as an array of benefits, this person also receives:

  • A generous monthly salary
  • Private room and board in our staff quarters
  • A full share of guest gratuities
  • Staff members who remain committed to Stillpoint for the duration of the season and complete all job requirements receive a bonus at the end of the season.


May 1 - September 20 (depending on bookings)
We welcome staff members who can stay fully focused on the Stillpoint community for their entire contract. We ask you commit to a flexible schedule in compliance with the State of Alaska's wage and hour requirements to include a 12 hour workday. We do not provide holidays, vacation, severance or sick pay, retirement benefits nor health insurance beyond workers compensation.

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