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Whale Watching Cruise

Whale watching is an unforgettable experience. Being in the presence of these mammoth beings is a special honor. Imagine cruising in comfort, with a nice glass of wine in hand, watching for whales tails during sunsets that seem to last forever.

No vacation to Alaska would be complete without taking the time to see the spectacular sea life found in the nutrient rich waters of protected Kachemak Bay. This is a hub of marine life from our beloved whales to the treasured wild salmon and halibut that thrive in abundance in these waters.

Kachemak Bay, home to the National Estuarine Research Reserve, hosts a remarkably high level of biological activity, due in part to water circulation patterns which keep nutrients, bait fish and in turn, predators such as whales in the bay year-round.

Our captains and guides are dedicated to educating guests on these magnificent mammals as well as upholding sustainable whale watching practices, with a focus on preserving the marine environment.


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