With a focus on health and wellness, Stillpoint provides the perfect balance to your adventurous vacation with some restorative therapies.

Massage, yoga, hot tub, sauna and more are all included in your stay.

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 Mindfulness Cabin

Guests can schedule appointments with our caring wellness staff for private yoga sessions, Thai massage, mindfulness practice and guided meditations in this peaceful, intentional space.

The origin of the word "poustinia" comes from the Russian word for desert (Russian: пустыня). A poustinia is a simple space where one goes for contemplation, meditation and reflection (Russian: пустынь). Our mindfulness cabin, aptly named Poustinia,  is complete with a pillowed floor for optimal comfort.

Our Poustinia is open 24 hours for quiet reflection.

Relax to the peacful sounds of a nearby a water feature.


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