Maintenance & Sustainability Coordinator

Maintenance & Sustainability Coordinator

With 12 acres of land, over 20 buildings and numerous boats, docks and vehicles, golf carts, bobcat, bulldozer, generators and more. We're looking for a maintenance professional with depth and breadth of experience and knowledge on gas and diesel engines, operating power tools, construction, plumbing, electrical, etc... maintenance and safety is an ongoing priority. This individual works with the facilities manager on groundskeeping, upkeep of all lodge facilities and special projects. The ability to assess, problem solve and utilize available resources is a daily practice. Experience with mechanical repair and boat is a huge plus! Must be physically fit and highly capable of diagnosing and fixing stuff, hauling materials, and jumping right in on dirty jobs in all kinds of weather. Skills must include: carpentry; plumbing; electrical; vehicle, diesel, outboard and small engine maintenance and repair; heavy equipement and power tool operation.

Adventure Green Alaska

Although each staff member specializes in a specific job, you will assist with grounds keeping, landscaping, portering, recycling and refuse management, cleaning and ongoing camp chores. This requires the ability to prioritize daily duties with flexibility and readiness to transition between jobs.

A working smartphone with cellular service is required.


As well as an array of benefits, this person also receives:

  • A generous hourly wage
  • Room and board in our staff quarters for $15/day
  • A full share of tips
  • Staff members who remain committed to Stillpoint for the duration of their contract and complete all job requirements receive a prorated share of the gratuities bonus at the end of the season.


April 22 - October 15
We welcome staff members who can stay fully focused on the Stillpoint community for the entire season. We ask you commit to a flexible schedule in compliance with the State of Alaska's wage and hour requirements to include a 12 hour workday. We do not provide paid vacation or sick leave, retirement benefits nor health insurance beyond workers compensation.

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