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Do Corporate Vacations Really Improve Employee Productivity?

June 07, 2018

According to a recent study, America has become a nation of few vacations. Employees are afraid to take vacation days because they're worried it may cost them later.

But not taking a vacation can actually do you more harm than good. Your brain and body need an occasional break from your work life to stay happy, healthy, and productive.

Corporate Vacations May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

Overworked employees with little downtime are more likely to suffer from chronic stress. Stress can cause poor customer satisfaction, low productivity, and the use of more sick days. This can put your company behind and you may lose valuable revenue.

But even when stressed, some employees won't use all their vacation days. That's why corporate vacations may be just what the doctor ordered.

What Are The Benefits Of A Corporate Vacation?

Corporate vacations are a way to make sure your employees are getting the rest they need. Corporate vacations also boost your company's culture by improving teamwork and communication.

Finally, vacations improve your company's productivity by refreshing your workers. Vacations do this by:

  • Giving your employees time to get the quality sleep they need
  • Offering new experiences to spark creavitity
  • Immersing your employees in new cultures to change their perspective
  • Immersing your employees in nature to help them focus

Where To Take Your Employees

The best corporate vacations are often nature vacations. Although it can be exciting to visit a city, nature drives creativity, relaxation, and focus. In comparison, cities have been known to increase stress and anxiety.

The state of Alaska is one of the top vacation spots for nature vacations. The Alaska State Park System is the largest in the United States. In fact, it has more than 3.2 million acres of water and land.

And that's only the Park System. From cultural centers to museums, national parks to monuments, Alaska gives your employees the chance to explore nature, culture, and creativity.

There are also luxury Alaska resorts your employees can use to relax and unwind after exploring the wildlife Alaska has to offer. Nature may expand your workers' minds, but luxury lodges will truly make them feel they're on vacation.

Stillpoint Lodge offers the luxury Alaska resorts your employees need to feel refreshed and productive. To learn more about our luxury Alaska resorts, contact Stillpoint Lodge today.

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