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4 Tips To Keep In Mind On Your Next Alaska Fishing Trip

October 29, 2018

Like any other vacation, you want your fishing trip to go as smooth as possible. Whether you're looking to spend time on the water with your family or friends (or both!), you want your experience to be one you'll remember forever and not for all the wrong reasons.

That said, there are a few things that can either make or break your fishing trip. To make sure your fishing vacation goes swimmingly, consider the following tips while planning your trip.


  1. Expect the unexpected. You can't always predict the weather, especially if you're headed out for an Alaska fishing trip. But you can be proactive in your planning to keep disasters from happening. Trip insurance may be a good idea to cover canceled flights, lost luggage, and lost fishing gear. It's also a good idea to plan to arrive at your destination a day ahead of your scheduled trip. This gives you the time to work around cancelations, flight transfers, and delays if necessary.

  3. Know the fishing codes of your destination. While planning your vacation, be sure to do your research about any fishing permits, regulations, and licenses you may need to fish in the area.

  5. Research the area. Speaking of researching fishing permits, be sure to research the area you're visiting, too. Research gives you the ability to learn about recommendations from other anglers and what time of the year is best to travel. What's more, you might even learn about other areas you'll want to check out while you're there that you would otherwise not know about.

  7. Know what fishing gear you'll need. It's a good idea to know what type of fishing gear you'll need while you're on vacation. This is because it may be best to fish with a different type of fishing gear than you're accustomed to. If this is the case, budget out a little to buy fishing gear at your destination rather than purchasing it ahead of time to bring along.



Need a place to stay on your Alaska fishing trip?

It's no secret that Alaska fishing trips are like no other. In fact, 11% of Alaska's visitors came just to fish in 2016 and 49% booked a fishing lodge package for their trip.

But all vacationing folks need a place to rest up for their fishing adventures. Stillpoint Lodge, an all-inclusive resort, is one of the top places to stay in Alaska. To learn more about our luxury lodge, contact Stillpoint Lodge today.


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