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Why Choose A Mountain Vacation Over A Tropical One?

December 07, 2018

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means right about now a vacation could be just what you need to save you from stress.


But before you start looking up the best flights for a tropical resort, remember that it may not be the best idea to vacation someplace hot.


Here are a few reasons why vacationing on the beach during the winter season may not be an optimal choice this holiday season.


You're playing with fire when it comes to your immune system


Your immune system helps to fight back against seasonal bacteria. For instance, the winter months are often the peak season for the flu and common cold.


During the winter, you may be more likely to introduce dead flu and cold pathogens into your body, giving your immune system the ability to learn how to fight back if you were to come down with the illness yourself.


If you vacation during the winter and choose to vacation somewhere warm where the common cold and flu virus aren't likely to affect anyone, you're more likely to be vulnerable when you come back.


You'll only make yourself want summer back


It makes sense to want to vacation somewhere tropical during the summer months. You miss the sun, the heat, and the beach.


But when you vacation somewhere tropical and come back to a winter wonderland, you may not only hurt your immune system, but you can also make yourself sadder. The sudden shock to the system can induce a wicked case of the winter blues.


There are a lot of beautiful, winter vacation spots


When you vacation somewhere tropical, the experience is largely the same. You choose a hotel, you relax on the beach, and you soak up the sun.


However, there are a lot of beautiful winter vacation spots that can give you the experience of a lifetime. For the intrepid traveler, winter in Alaska is mushing season and fishing in Alaska is great during the cooler times of the year.


Looking for a luxury Alaska resort?


Many folks enjoy fishing in Alaska (the average U.S. angler spent up to $1,261 in 2011), and the state is also home to many beautiful attractions and wildlife.


If you're looking for a vacation spot this winter that won't have you longing for the summer months ahead, but will instead make you glad there's snow, Alaska is the vacation spot for you. To learn more about nature vacations or to schedule a stay at our luxury lodges, contact Stillpoint Lodge today.

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