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4 Reasons Couples Choose To Have Destination Weddings

May 13, 2019

Spring is in full swing, which means wedding season is on the horizon. While many couples are choosing to go the traditional route with their wedding ceremonies, others prefer a barefoot bash over a buttoned-up affair.

Destination weddings are just as popular as ever and as many couples send out their save-the-dates, you might find destinations like Alaska on the itinerary. But why are more couples choosing to take their weddings elsewhere?

Here are four reasons why couples are steering away from the traditional black-tie wedding and heading for leisure locations out-of-state.

  1. You can get away from local weather. Summer is just around the corner and it's considered the second most popular wedding season. But summer weddings can be uncomfortable depending on where you have it. If your local weather is hot and muggy, you might have more disgruntled guests than happy ones. Destination weddings give you the opportunity to take control of the weather. You can choose somewhere like Alaska where the summers are mild or Nevada where the heat is dry.
  2. You can expect incredible photos. When you have a destination wedding, you don't need to hunt down a special place to take photos. You can use the local scenery for some incredible shots instead.
  3. You have an excuse to get casual and have fun. A growing number of couples are foregoing the traditional wedding because they want to make sure they have a great experience. What better way to make memories than with a destination wedding? You can explore the sites, eat local food, and feel like you're not just getting married but that you're also on vacation.
  4. You can have a more intimate wedding. One of the biggest struggles couples have when it comes to their wedding is making sure their ceremony has a close-knit, intimate feeling. When you have a destination wedding, you cut down on your guest list. This makes that sense of intimacy that much easier to achieve.


Ready book your luxury lodge for your Alaska wedding?

When it comes to destination weddings, Alaska weddings take the cake. There are over 75 parks, including national parks, preserves, refuges, and monuments so you can take incredible wedding photos and stay for your honeymoon once your special day is over.

Stillpoint Lodge offers an Alaska lodge and resort for weddings and honeymoons. To learn more about our all-inclusive resort, contact Stillpoint Lodge today.

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