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Alaska Bear Viewing

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While you may see black bears around Halibut Cove during your stay, to get an up-close and personal view of coastal brown bears you'll take a scenic flight across Cook Inlet to the Alaska Peninsula.


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Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park are known for the best bear viewing in the world. Do not miss a chance to see the bears and other wildlife like wolves and salmon in their natural habitat. Private trips are available.

Inland brown bears are known as "grizzlies". The location of the bears can vary from season to season and throughout the summer, which can determine the type of aircraft needed to reach their present location.

Heli-Bear Viewing
1 to 3 passengers
Fly one hour directly from the lodge across Cook Inlet in a helicopter to the Alaska Peninsula, viewing active volcanoes and scenic wilderness along the way. The Alaska Peninsula has the highest concentration of brown bears in the world and your pilot/guide will stay with you the entire time. Get on the ground directly into bear habitat. Walking up to a mile in provided hip waders and an adventurous spirit are required!

Various helicopter locations include:

Chinitna Bay is a coastal area rich in sedge grass, vibrant salt marches and tidal flats littered with clams. In May and June, watch enormous boars (males), sows with cubs, adolescent & solitary bears as they go about their daily lives foraging, breeding and being bears.

Lake Clark National Park, Katmai National Park or anywhere in-between that can be accessed by a helicopter... May-September the bears move with the salmon as they return the the river to spawn and head upstream. Your pilot/guide will know just the right place to land on the day of your excursion.


Float Plane Bear Viewing
1 to 10 passengers
Take off right from our dock via float plane one hour across scenic Cook Inlet to the Alaska Peninsula and the largest brown bear population in the world. Land in a remote mountain lake or river in Lake Clark National Park or Katmai National Park depending on the time of summer, locations vary according to the bears' food sources, and they follow the salmon as the fish make their way from the ocean upriver to spawn. Includes adventure gear, safety training, and lunch... and the flight seeing en route is always incredible.

Various float plane locations include:

Hallo Bay, Moraine River and Funnel Creek are far away from the crowds and developed trails. Enjoy a scenic flight into the true Alaskan bush. Your small group is led on a day hike by a naturalist guide who acquaints you with Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears and the amazing country that is their home. This trip requires everyone to be physically fit and quite adventurous to walk 3-5 miles along the shore and through the water. May-September

Brooks Falls bear camp is a self-guided adventure with viewing platforms that offer a more tame alternative to being out in the open with the bears. Watch the salmon leap upstream as the bears hungrily wait their turn at the falls. This is a longer flight of 1.5 hours, requires up to a mile of walking on easy trails, and includes an optional archeological tour. July & September

Crescent Lake is home to all 5 species of Alaskan salmon and the bears love fishing along the shore. Knowledgeable bear guides captain comfortable, covered pontoon boats for guests at a safe and respectful viewing distance. This is the most kid-friendly bear viewing experience, includes a hot lunch of fresh salmon, and is the shortest flight. August & September


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