Bounty of
Garden & Ocean

Our Executive Chef and culinary team prioritize sustainability and create menus by the seasons. We strive to source local and regional ingredients at the height of freshness. Our menus are simply crafted and well balanced.

Guests enjoy a new menu daily, from casual, hearty breakfast to the four-course gourmet dining experience, curated with wines from our cellar, hand-selected by our Sommelier. We feature contemporary styled cuisine from home-made snacks to decadent packed lunches to be enjoyed on adventure excursion; locally sourced, organic, and respectfully harvested.

Our rates include fresh, locally sourced, and organic meals plus packed lunches and snacks for day trips and select wines, local beer, and craft cocktails.

One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.


– Virginia Woolf –

From serving homegrown herb pesto broiled atop freshly harvested oysters from Kachemak Bay's cold waters to berry picking with our staff to create decadent jams enjoyed on top of freshly baked bread using ingredients from local farmers, we support our community, and our guests enjoy the incredible taste and savory aromas. From the local ingredients found at Homer Farmer's Market to the fermented vegetables we created from our gardens, all our ingredients are sourced locally and prepared with a lot of attention to detail.

Our Executive Chef and Gardener work in harmony, preparing a curated garden to be planted in the spring and enjoyed by our guests throughout the summer. Join the Chef, selecting lush leafy vegetables, juicy fruits to prepare our organic menus, learning the latest techniques in preparing healthy and delicious gourmet cuisine. We grow an expansive organic garden, gather wild herbs and greens, and delight in the playfulness of edible garnishes. 

Working with local fishermen, farmers, and hunters, we create menus using only wild-caught and sustainable ingredients. Our menus change daily based on the seasons and availability, never using any factory-farmed meats, flavors, or meats prepared with growth hormones. We believe in working in harmony with nature. Our guests especially enjoy when they have had a successful day fishing, we expertly prepare their catch for dinner or have their catch packaged and shipped to be enjoyed at home.


We are honored to feature healthy and delicious meals for our guests, as well as snacks, beverages and mountain stream water day and night.

We are accustomed to catering to special dietary needs... it is our priority for our guests to feel nourished and satisfied.


Take a walk through the garden and help yourself to a fresh snap pea or luscious summer strawberry.

Our edible garden, with its artistic layout of color and design, invites guests to stroll along the winding path, inhale the fragrances and listen to the waterfall tumbling into the nearby pond.


Our menu excludes conventional factory farmed meats, artificial colors and flavors, antibiotics, growth hormones and GMOs. We bypass goods with animal testing and mystery by-products.

It matters to us and our family.


our commitment to the environment

Eat in harmony with nature

Fresh - Local - Organic - Alaskan

Our menu highlights local foods grown, raised and harvested in Alaska... vibrant, seasonal salads, ripe vegetables and berries, whole grains, and of course fresh, wild seafood and game.


Chef's Sample Menu


Our boutique resort is nestled on the edge of the wilderness just a short voyage across the towering mountain fjord of Kachemak Bay.

Abundant, landscaped gardens yield fresh, organic produce picked fresh just steps from your dinner table.

Visit Stillpoint Lodge near Homer, Alaska for an authentic Alaska itinerary... and make memories and friends that last a lifetime.

"Beautiful location in Halibut Cove.  Very friendly and considerate staff.

Excellent food.

This family-owned lodge is top notch. The bear viewing excursion was a lot of fun. The hike to the Grewingk lake and glacier was beautiful.

"I'd love to come back."

David H., CAlifornia, yelp review, sept. 2021

"Amazing stay, highly recommend!

"We are a family of five with three young adult kids. We had an amazing trip.
Although remote, this lodge lacks for nothing...
I am genuinely appreciative of the Covid protocols. I felt safe.

This was truly the trip of a lifetime!"

AKARQ5, chicago, tripadvisor, Aug 2021

“The food is from the
lovely garden and surrounding sea.

It is wonderfully and thoughtfully prepared.”

 TRIP ADvisor Review