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Saltwater Fishing

We'll pack you a lunch and cooler of beverages for the day and you’ll be on your way!


Join your captain on a stable 8- or 12-passenger vessel for a full or partial day halibut-only trip fishing on the bottom of the ocean for these creatures of the deep. For those worried about getting seasick or don't want to be out all day - the partial-day trips are for you! The full day halibut trip will be for those wanting to catch bigger fish than what is caught on the partial day charters.


Salmon fishing is also offered full day or partial day on 6-passenger boats equipped with downriggers, trolling gear and light tackle rods and reels. There are five species of salmon in Kachemak Bay. Most captians target the kings and silvers. Incidental catches of other salmon are always possible and you may keep what you catch as long as it is within the ADF&G limits.

King Salmon: Catch them before they go up river to spawn. "Spawner" kings' first run is usually May-June. Second run is July-mid August. "Feeder" king come in to feed year round and return to the deep water to grow.

Silver Salmon: Coho Silver Salmon are hot in mid-late July through early September.

Combo Halibut and Salmon

Full day 6-, 8- or 12-passenger combination halibut and salmon fishing is a perfect way to enjoy a variety of fishing experiences in one day.  In Homer, halibut fishing is deep sea bottom fishing with heavy rod and reel, and salmon fishing is trolling with light tackle and downriggers.  Spend half a day fishing for halibut then the other half targeting silvers or kings.

Combo Halibut, Lingcod, Rockfish

Known as the “Killer Combo”... according to Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game, fishing out of Homer you are allowed 2 halibut, 2 lingcod and up to 5 rockfish of various types in one day. Wow! With six anglers on board all day, the end result is a boat-load of fish.


Fishing License & Fish Processing

For those guests over 15 years old who book a fishing trip during your stay with us, an Alaska state fishing license is included and will be printed at the lodge.

For an additional fee, your fish will be professionally filleted, vacuum sealed, flash frozen and shipped overnight to you when you return home.

How to Visit

Your adventure awaits. Begin planning your Alaskan vacation by reserving a stay at Stillpoint Lodge. With a unique combination of eco-adventure, leisure, and wellness... on the edge of the wilderness, there’s no better way to have an authentic Alaskan trip of a lifetime.

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