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Saltwater Fishing

Sustainable Deep Sea Harvest

The living marine resources in Alaska waters are truly of world-class proportions, known around the world for their abundance and diversity. History demonstrates that responsible, managed sport fishing is sustainable. The principles and methods of fisheries management that are used in Alaska are known worldwide as having long-term conservation and sustainable use as their overriding objective.


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Saltwater Fishing in Alaska

We'll get you fully outfitted in rain gear and rubber boots, custom pack a lunch and cooler of beverages, and you’ll be on your way for an action-packed, fun-filled nautical adventure.

Our luxury fishing vessels are heated and have plenty of space for indoor seating, a spacious fishing deck, and a real bathroom. These beautiful boats are either or catamaran or a V-hull with a Sea Keeper gyro stabilization system which eliminates 90% vessel roll making this an ideal fishing machine for the whole family.

There are a varierty of boat sizes available include 6-pax, 8-pax and 12-pax. Guests can expect other lodge guests onboard and private fishing excursions are available.

Halibut and Salmon combo

Step aboard right at our dock for a full day of fishing in style with our professional and personable crew. The combination of halibut and salmon fishing is the perfect way to enjoy two types of fishing experiences in one day. Spend half a day fishing for halibut then the other half targeting a variety salmon species. Anglers may also catch rockfish, pacific cod, and lingcod depending on the location.

Halibut: Homer is known as the "Halibut Fishing capital of the world for a reason!

King Salmon: Catch them before they go up river to spawn. Summer "spawner" kings' first run is usually May-June. Second run is July-mid August. Winter "feeder" kings come in to feed in late August and throughout September.

Silver Salmon: Coho Silver Salmon are hot in late July through early September.

Pink Salmon: This plentiful species is also known as "Humpies".

The Ultimate Fly-Out Fishing Upgrade

Fly out from the lodge to the fishing boat and back via floatplane and cut down on hours of boat travel time to and from the fishing grounds with spectacular scenery along the way. Ask at booking about this option!


Fishing Licenses

For those guests over 15 years old who book a fishing trip during your stay with us, an Alaska state fishing license is included and will be printed at the lodge.


Fish Processing

Nothing beats fresh fish!
Our chefs are happy to cook up your catch for your next meal.

Your fish will be professionally filleted on board. For an additional fee you can have your catch vacuum sealed, flash frozen and shipped overnight to you when you return home, or packed to take with you on your flight.



Halibut fishing is not permitted on Wednesdays summer.

For 2024 each angler is allowed per day:

- 2 halibut

- The retention of halibut is not allowed on Wednesdays throughout the summer.
- Anglers may keep one halibut of any size per day and one halibut that is no more than 28 inches in length.
- No annual limit on halibut this year.

- 6 salmon total

- 1 king salmon before Aug. 15
- 2 king salmon after Aug. 15
- up to 3 silver salmon
- up to 3 red or pink salmon
- Annual king salmon limit is 5 per person.

- 2 lingcod (opens July 1)
- 5 rockfish 

- Unlimited on pacific cod and other fin fish



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