Discover our little ecological niche- the perfect balance of history, art, music and environmental stewardship- Halibut Cove truly is Alaskan coastal living at its finest.

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The community of Halibut Cove is comprised of hourglass-shaped Ismailof Island and the south shore of Kachemak Bay, with a protected waterway between called The Narrows. Archaeological research and artifacts found along the shoreline shows signs of a large settlement during prehistoric times. Many structures sit on pilings to escape the twice-daily tide changes averaging 20 feet every 6 hours.

Halibut Cove is surrounded by Alaska’s first state park, Kachemak Bay State Park and Alaska's only Wilderness Park.

Visitors reach Halibut Cove by private boat from Homer; by the locally operated ferry, or by float plane. There is no road access and the primary modes of transportation within the cove are on foot, kayak, skiff or ATV.

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