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Visit Gull Island

Gull Island is Kachemak Bay's most populated seabird sanctuary.

The sculpted, scalloped rock of the Gull Island rookery offers outstanding nesting habitat for seabirds such as puffins and kittiwakes, as well as a prime underwater landscape for marine mammals such as otters, seals, porpoise, sea lions, and whales.

Everyone loves seeing puffins, gull nestlings, and otters at Gull Island

As many as 20,000 seabirds build nests in the craggy rock faces and cliffs of Gull Island just a couple of miles by boat from Stillpoint Lodge.

Most years, up to 10,000 black-legged kittiwakes dominate the rookery building mud nests perched in clefts and along the rocky ledges. Thousands of common murres nest amid the kittiwakes. Other birds seen include glaucous-winged gulls, cormorants, cormorants, puffins and pigeon guillemots.

The effect stuns the senses—the air reverberates with a cacophony of crying birds. The sky fills with thousands of seabirds as they all take wing at once. Watch for the fuzzy offspring peeking from the nests and lone bald eagles swooping overhead for an opportune moment... the circle of life.

Whether on your way to the lodge to or from Homer, after a educational morning of tidepooling at nearby Otter Rocks, or out on our Scenic Wildlife Cruise, our crew will make sure every Stillpoint guest gets this special experience.

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"We are a family of five with three young adult kids. We had an amazing trip.
Although remote, this lodge lacks for nothing...
I am genuinely appreciative of the Covid protocols. I felt safe.

This was truly the trip of a lifetime!"

AKARQ5, chicago, tripadvisor, Aug 2021

"A Once in a Lifetime Experience

"Our first time to Alaska and we couldn't have asked for anything more... The view was amazing and so peaceful. Throughout our stay we would see otters, eagles and even a bear across the cove... You really feel like you're part of a family.

"Thanks to all of you for helping us to escape the worries of the day and find a place to relax and enjoy life."

SC t, north carolina, tripadvisor, aug 21

"Bucket List Trip!

"Amazing staff! They were professional, friendly, informative and made us feel special and at home. The accommodations were fantastic!

"Great for couples, families and individuals
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Lauren P, dallas tx, tripadvisor, Jul 2021

"If you are searching for the raw and unspoiled theater of the wild, yet still wish for the luxuries of civilization, Halibut Cove is the place for you.

And no one can better offer you that experience than Stillpoint Lodge.”

Alaska legend and official balladeer, Hobo Jim