included activities

Sea Kayaking & Paddleboarding

Enjoy unlimited paddlesports in this beautiful, clear ocean and paddle around with wildlife galore. The waters of Halibut Cove are often glassy calm.

Sea Kayaking

Enjoy unlimited kayaking in this beautiful, clear ocean and paddle with wildlife galore such as sea otters, seals and puffins. The waters are almost always calm in the cove. Paddle over to the Halibut Cove Coffee House for a hot drink and then explore far and wide with a guide. There's a paddling experience suited for everyone from the beginner to the advanced, including the kids!

Kayak Tour of Halibut Cove
Included in your stay, enjoy a guided paddle around our island community by sea kayak. Learn about the natural ecology of the area and the interesting history of this thriving little community.


Stand Up Paddleboarding is another exciting way to explore Halibut Cove. By standing upright on the board you’ll see deeper into the water and further across the surface of the water. Getting around the cove is a breeze!

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport in the world! The activity uses a long handled, canoe-style paddle to move across the water while standing on an over-sized, stable surfboard. You gracefully glide across open water on a giant flotation device... getting wet not required! No minimum skills are needed and it can be learned quickly by just about anyone who can hike, walk and balance. So much fun!

Your Adventure Awaits.

Come see Alaska for yourself.


Our boutique resort is nestled on the edge of the wilderness just a short voyage across the towering mountain fjord of Kachemak Bay.

Abundant, landscaped gardens yield fresh, organic produce picked fresh just steps from your dinner table.

Visit Stillpoint Lodge near Homer, Alaska for an authentic Alaska itinerary... and make memories and friends that last a lifetime.

"If you are searching for the raw and unspoiled theater of the wild, yet still wish for the luxuries of civilization, Halibut Cove is the place for you.

And no one can better offer you that experience than Stillpoint Lodge.”

Alaska legend and official balladeer, Hobo Jim