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An amazing array of invertebrates live within Halibut Cove's intertidal zone. Low tide is prime time for tidepooling, when the receding water exposes creatures such as sea stars, sea cucumbers, psychedelic nudibranchs, anemones, chitons, decorator crabs, urchins, shellfish and maybe even an elusive octopus. The lower the tide, the more you'll see!

Take a tour with one of our guides to learn about the creature of our dock. Observe frilled plumose anemones with their impressive angel-hair tentacles fully expanded, resembling fancy palm trees dancing in the current. Handy sealife identification charts and rubber boots are provided.

Kachemak Bay's tides are the second largest in the world, going up and down every six hours on average 20 feet.

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And no one can better offer you that experience than Stillpoint Lodge.”

–Alaska legend and official balladeer Hobo Jim