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Alaskan Culinary Experience at Stillpoint Lodge

There’s no better time and place to eat than summer in Alaska. Perhaps I am slightly biased on this. Forgive me. But really, where else can you eat wild fish right out of the sea? Or clams and mussels fresh from the Alaskan ocean? Here, wild berries can be gobbled by the handful, still wet with temperate rainforest dew. Or you can enjoy flavorful garden greens made tender by Alaska’s chilly summer mornings. We grill wild meats sustained by miles and miles of pristine lands. And I haven’t even mentioned Alaska’s famous carrots. Perhaps it’s the minerals in the glacier-fed soils that make them so sweet and crunchy. Some of the most discerning eaters I know (ahem, my children!) find they’re best pulled straight from the soil.

Fresh From Our Waters

To eat during the summer in Alaska is to taste the wild, open expanses of our landscapes and experience the rich marine waters out our doors. Stillpoint Lodge knows this. Lodge chefs take advantage of the freshest foods available, designing menus around what’s in season and what fishermen are bringing to the docks. Homer sees some of the largest annual commercial fishing deliveries in Alaska. And all summer long, fishing boats unload salmon, halibut, sablefish, rockfish, and other species, and pick up ice and supplies before heading back out. 

Farm to Table at Stillpoint Lodge

Stillpoint Lodge, known for its lush gardens, which are located outside the lodge’s expansive back deck, provides a large part of their menu’s ingredients. They work with local farmers to source the freshest meats, eggs, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables around, and frequent Homer’s beloved farmers’ market on trips to town. 


Breakfasts at Stillpoint might feature Alaska Eggs Benedict (with delicious smoked salmon) plus a full buffet. Gourmet lunches created by the Chef are enjoyed while witnessing the majestic mountain views at the lodge or packed to go for a daytime excursion of hiking, kayaking, or fishing. Evenings at Stillpoint often begin with a local oyster happy hour, followed by a five-course dinner of crab cakes, halibut cheeks, lambchops, or sablefish. And then the desserts—berries, ice cream, chocolate... My mouth is watering as I write this.

The Stillpoint Lodge kitchen offers flexibility and works hard to serve guests’ needs. You can advise the Reservation Team in advance, if you need meals that are gluten, nut or dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, kosher or if you need halal selections.

Alaska’s Food Community

Food is a big deal here. Homer offers a vibrant scene of Alaskan owned restaurants and coffee shops. And we love local food. When you eat here in the summer, you’re participating in a food community—a network of fishermen, hunters and farmers, chefs’ and home cooks, and all those that make this community so special.


The Alaskan’ dining experience, brings you back to a simpler time, where you can slow your pace, reconnect with family and friends and enjoy rich decadent flavors, sourced locally, and professionally prepared…think of it as a farm to table experience with the essence of the land and wilderness in every bite.



Written by Miranda Weiss
Author of Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska

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