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Alaska is a state known for its rugged terrain and largely untouched nature. But as wild as the state remains, there are a few all-inclusive resorts that offer a luxury oasis among the stunning scenery. There are many benefits of staying at an all inclusive resort… but in remote Alaska, we don’t call it a resort, we call it a lodge. Besides comfortable, cozy lodging, you can expect all of your local transportation, food, drinks, activities, and entertainment to be included and arranged for you, without having to pay extra for it. 


Here are just a few reasons why you should choose an Alaska all-inclusive resort during your stay in The Last Frontier.


Mouthwatering Cuisine

Alaska lodges are known for taking good care of their guests. At an all inclusive resort lodge, in addition to the natural setting, wildlife, and beautiful scenery, you can expect 3 meals a day prepared for you…. And we’ll take care of the dishes, of course!


At Stillpoint Lodge, our chef and culinary team prioritize sustainability and create menus inspired by the seasons. We strive to source local and regional ingredients for a well-balanced meal of healthy proteins, vegetables, sweet treats, and more. We feature contemporary-style cuisine accompanied by select fine wines in addition to custom packed lunches and snacks that will fuel your day trips. Did you know Alaska even has its own variety of potato chips made from potatoes grown in Alaska? We’ll pack the tasty flavor of your choice right in your lunch box for your bear viewing or fishing excursion each day.


Have a special diet? No worries… We ask for all your allergies and dietary concerns in advance, and you can speak with the chef directly on arrival to ensure the menu works for you and your family. A special kid’s menu is available. 


You may not think of Alaska as a state known for fine dining, but it is home to some of the best seafood, fresh produce, baked goods, and brews in the country. According to, there are more than 40 breweries in the state and has the eighth-most breweries per capita. You can’t go wrong trying some local craft beers and an all-inclusive resort can provide you with all the sustenance that you need for your stay. Stillpoint Lodge stocks a variety of Alaska’s favorite beers, ciders, and seltzers as well as spirits brewed in the great state. 


Thrilling Excursions

While it’s possible to explore Alaska on your own, excursions offered by an all-inclusive resort can make the experience all the more memorable. That’s because experienced local guides know all the places to go for the best wildlife experiences and tours away from the crowds. And we take care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a reputable operator, getting outfitted, or finding the place! 


Stillpoint strives to offer 5-star service within the remote Alaskan wilderness, a luxurious basecamp for adventure. We spare no expense for our fully-outfitted excursions so that our guests have safe, enjoyable, and memorable adventures. Our watercraft are always ready at a moment's notice to handle any itinerary changes that may come up, planned or unplanned.  


Our guests love a variety of optional included activities suited to a wide range of activity levels and interests. The lodge is located at the foot of Kachemak Bay State Park, which is the perfect place for paddling over the calm surf and exploring tide pools on the shore. The area is also a bird watcher’s paradise, with countless bird species such as bald eagles, puffins, and arctic terns soaring and swimming around. There are also opportunities to see seals, sea lions, otters, whales, moose, and the most well-known residents of the state, bears, in unforgettably close (but safe) encounters.


Time For Wellness

A trip to the largest state is sure to be full of adventure, but there should also be time to relax and take in the spectacular surroundings. At an Alaska all-inclusive resort like Stillpoint Lodge, there is a focus on health and wellness intertwined in everything we do. Stillpoint provides the perfect balance to your adventurous vacation with restorative therapies that guests can choose to participate in. Some of our wellness options include massage, private yoga, fitness coaching with a personal trainer, mindfulness meditation, forest bathing, hot tub, sauna, polar plunge, and more.


All Inclusive Bliss

Adventure and relaxation await at Stillpoint Lodge, an Alaska all-inclusive resort. With delectable local cuisine, thrilling excursions, and luxury wellness amenities, you have the trifecta of an amazing and memorable trip. As a true all-inclusive vacation, there will be no hidden costs during your stay, and any surprise issues, such as weather or otherwise, will be handled by our expert logistics team, which makes it easy to have a worry-free vacation without having to run a tab.


Book your Alaska all-inclusive resort today!

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