À La Carte excursions

Glacier Flights

Enjoy a floatplane or helicopter tour of breathtaking Denali in the Alaska Range or Harding Icefield right in our backyard.

Book a glacier flightseeing flight roundtrip from the lodge, or as an add-on to your arrival or departure flight. Soar to new heights with an experienced Alaska bush pilot who loves to share Alaska’s most inaccessible and spectacularly-wild settings.


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Each turn reveals a new spectacle of nature's grandeur.

These à la carte add-ons access unimaginable landscapes. All of these flights offer a bird's eye view of vast expanses of ice, glittering glaciers, and stunning natural features like alpine lakes, waterfalls, and coastal fjords.

These spectacular ice safaris also provide opportunities to see wildlife like indominable mountain goats, moose, bears, Dall sheep, wolverines, and more.


Floatplane Glacier Flight Tours

Denali Flightseeing Tour
Explore the incredible glaciers, peaks, and valleys of Denali, North America’s tallest mountain on this 3-hour add-on adventure from Anchorage. At a formidable 20,310 feet tall, Denali is the centerpiece of Denali National Park, which is 240 miles North of Anchorage. If you are limited on time during your trip and want to spend most of it with us at the lodge instead of driving, you’ll actually get the best view of "The High One" on a Denali flightseeing tour. Add this flight onto your lodge arrival or departure day for a seamless "bonus" day of adventure.

Glacier & Icefield Tour En Route to the Lodge
As part of your arrival or departure flight, enjoy a scenic side tour of Harding Icefield. This 30-minute add-on offers even more breathtaking landscape along the way than your typical transfer. The Harding Icefield is the largest field of ice contained entirely within the U.S. It spawns up to 40 glaciers of all types.

Custom Glacier Flight from the Lodge
Take off right from our dock for an unforgettable flightseeing tour of our backyard. Fly along a stunning mountain ridge to the top of the Harding Ice Field, cruising past waterfalls and glaciers along the way. Fully customizable with options for different destinations, duration, and theme. Includes an opportunity to land in an alpine or glacier lake, conditions permitting. The opportunity to witness glaciers flowing into the sea adds an extra layer of awe to this adventure.

Gold Panning & Glacier Flight
Enjoy a breathtaking 45-minute floatplane flight to Devil’s Canyon on the Kenai Peninsula where towering mountain landscapes meet the turquoise water’s edge with endless beauty. Learn to operate a dredge, clean out a sluice, pan the concentrates, and shout “EUREKA”! Waders provided. Enjoy a scenic tour of the Harding Ice Field, glaciers, waterfalls, and coastal fjords along the way.


It's places like this that remind us of the beauty and power of our planet.

Helicopter Glacier Flight Tours

2-Hour Wildlife and Glacier Heli Tour
View the Harding Icefield, rugged mountains, waterfalls and wildlife such as black bears, majestic mountain goats, moose and more. Land and safely walk around on a stunning glacier!

6-Hour Heli-Hiking
Experience scenic mountaintops and amazingly easy hiking in the soft alpine above treeline. Land in several spots including on a glacier! The views are unforgettable, and the smiles are never-ending. Black bears, eagles, moose, and other wildlife are often seen in the area.

8-Hour Ultimate Heli Safari
Glaciers + Volcanoes + Bears = The Ultimate Backcountry Helicopter Experience


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