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Wintertime at Stillpoint Lodge


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It's wintertime at Stillpoint Lodge... We're all closed down for the season, and the snow is here, but we're always thinking ahead to next summer!


How to Give an Alaska Vacation as a Christmas Gift


Make your gift stand out this Christmas and give your family or loved one a vacation! Giving the gift of travel means giving the gift of cherished memories that’ll last a lifetime. In fact, studies have shown that people derive more happiness from experiential gifts rather than material gifts. 

Instead of another pair of socks or the must-have tech item, we recommend giving a trip to Alaska this holiday. Alaska is the perfect place for anyone on your Christmas list—a foodie, hiker, fisherman, or someone who just loves to relax in beautiful places. 

Forget popping the tickets in an envelope and gifting them plainly—why not make getting the gift as fun as the gift itself? Here we’ll outline how to sneakily purchase an Alaskan adventure and how to gift it in fun, creative ways.


Keep Your Gift a Secret

What makes gift-giving so special is the surprise of opening an unexpected gift, so be sure you keep your searches on the down low. To do so, we first recommend using the incognito mode on your internet search browser. In incognito, none of your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered is saved on your device. This means your activity doesn't show up in your browser history, so family members who also use your device won't see your activity.


If you are planning to buy the airline tickets right away, another way to keep your plans a secret is not to use your frequent flyer miles if they’re from a shared credit card. We know it’s tempting to use your miles, but save them for another time! If your partner sees all the miles suddenly gone they’ll certainly sense something fishy. 


Present Your Gift As, well, A Gift 

Everyone loves unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, and giving a trip doesn’t mean you have to forgo the wrapping paper. 


A Box of Swag from Stillpoint Lodge

Book a vacation package for our summer season before December 15 and we'll mail you a box of goodies for the whole family to have wrapped up for the big day. An assortment of premium hats, water bottles, logo adventure gear, and more are sure to excite young and old as you unveil the big surprise gift of an Alaska vacation.


A Stuffed Bear 

If you’ve included a bear-viewing excursion in your Alaskan itinerary, it could be fun to wrap a teddy bear as a fun nod to the adventure to come. When you stay at the Stillpoint Lodge you have easy access to some of the best bear-viewing adventures


Close to the lodge are both the Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park which are known for incredible bear viewing. Via helicopter or float plane you’ll see Alaska’s dynamic terrain as you head toward locations that are known for their high population of brown bears. 


Hiking Boots

Planning on seeing the sights up close and personal during your Alaskan adventure? Gift your travel partner a pair of hiking boots in addition to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter your skill level, Stillpoint Lodge is surrounded by infinite miles of hiking trails and beautiful forests that are suitable for anyone on your vacation. 


One of our favorite Alaskan hikes is the Grewingk Glacier Lake Trail. After a kayak or short water taxi ride to the trailhead, your guide will lead you on a 1.5 mile-long, moderate hike to a pristine, iceberg-filled lake. With Grewingk Glacier as your backdrop, explore the beauty of the valley, glacier river, and mountains. This is also where Stillpoint guides can take you on a guest favorite excursion, glacier lake kayaking


A Scavenger Hunt

Though not a physical gift adorned with colorful paper, the suspense and mystery of searching for clues will have your family bursting with excitement once they discover your gift. Maybe they open the fridge to see Alaskan smoked salmon, or they are directed toward the freezer, and in the ice tray are the airline tickets.


Plan Your Alaskan Vacation with Stillpoint Lodge

From bear viewing and hiking to massages and gourmet meals, Stillpoint Lodge is the best place to gift your family or board of directors an Alaskan vacation. We offer à la carte excursions that are outbound guided adventures meant to showcase the surrounding area. In addition to seeing grizzlies and glaciers, our lodge offers luxurious amenities to relax and unwind from the day’s adventures. 

Interested in giving the gift of meaningful memories that’ll last a lifetime? Book your stay at Stillpoint Lodge and finish your holiday shopping today.

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