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What to Pack on A Trip to Alaska’s Stillpoint Lodge

Alaskans aren’t known for their fashion, unless you think about the gorgeous fur parkas that are part of traditional dress for numerous groups of Native peoples here—they’re known as atigi in Iñupiaq—or beautiful and practical mukluks, boots that keep your feet warm and dry in the winter while being light and flexible. In the area near Stillpoint Lodge, it is hard to tell the difference between some of the wealthy individuals that have million-dollar homes in the area from the coffee shop owner. Well worn jeans, quick dry pants, hiking or rubber boots, layered shirts, puffer jackets, vests and ball caps are the fashion of choice. 

Alaskans are known for their footwear collection, from snow boots with ice spikes for walking the trails in the winter to rubber boots for spring and sturdy hiking boots and shoes for summer. Shoes are one clothing item that we invest in, mainly for practicality and comfort. Alaskans might not be fashion icons, but we sure know functional shoes. 


Prepare for the Alaskan Experience

There’s a saying that there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing. And that’s how we look at things here at Stillpoint Lodge. The more prepared you are, the more comfortable you’ll feel to have the kind of experience you want in Alaska. Packing for a trip here requires a focus on the practical. And this means embracing the well-worn advice to wear layers. Sure you can experience a t-shirt warm summer day here, but a trip to Stillpoint requires a bit more attention to the various weather and adventure scenarios you might come across during your time here.  Keep in mind that you might be hiking to a glacier lake one day, paddling in a kayak the next, taking an optional yoga class, or enjoying a long soak in the hot tub.  


Your Stillpoint Lodge Packing List

Layers should include short and long-sleeved shirts, wool or synthetics are often helpful in warm or cool, sometimes damp weather. Comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking are a must. A couple of lightweight warm layers—such as a thin down jacket or fleece are important, and a water and windproof layer—like a shell jacket—is useful when the wind kicks up or a squall brings rain into the bay. Quick dry pants or comfortable jeans are ideal. Throw a warm hat in just in case. And I don’t go anywhere without a sunhat. I’m sure you’ve heard about Alaska’s midnight sun.

You’ll be in good hands at Stillpoint, so if you forget something or realize that you need something, you can just talk with the staff. Stillpoint will provide rubber boots, daypacks, waterproof raincoats and pants, umbrellas, water bottles, and cabin slippers and robes. All adventures start at the lodge Gear Cave where the guides will get you fully outfitted for exploring nature comfortably.


An Unforgettable Summer on the Kachemak

Summer is short but gorgeously intense here. The salmon fill creeks and rivers, halibut move into Kachemak Bay, wildflowers bloom, and the spiny devil’s club plant—with leaves as large as trash can lids—grow over a head-high. As sweltering heat makes life swampy in much of the rest of the country during the summer months, at the edge of Kachemak Bay, we have fresh air, cool ocean breezes, and a dynamic maritime climate. Packing for a variety of weather and a variety of adventures will help ensure you have a wonderful and unforgettable time here.



Written by Miranda Weiss
Author of Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska

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