Gardener, Bartender & Server

Are you passionate about food systems and love sharing knowledge from the garden to the plate?

We're looking for a mature gardener who has food and beverage experience, especially as a bartender. The ideal canditate possesses exceptional customer service skills including a keen ability to multi-task and remember details such as intricate menus, client names, schedules, and food and drink preferences.

We welcome people who are ready to learn about how we grow in Alaska. This includes vegetables and herbs, micro-greens, sprouts, flowers, native plants, potted plants, weeding, watering, pruning, problem solving and winterizing. Experience with maintaining a greenhouse and potted annual flowers is a plus! Work as part of the kitchen staff harvesting and prepping the produce and salad mix. This position also includes landscaping and grounds keeping. Be prepared to work outside in all weather conditions.

Bartending and Serving:

All of our servers may help with breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the rotating guest schedule, but this position will primarily be focused on bartending and assistance with dinner service.

Happy Hour: Help set the tone for an uplifting evening. Light a fire, select a playlist, set up the bar, and introduce guests to our housemade mixers featuring berries and herbs from the garden! This detail oriented individual and is a pro at mixing classic hot and cold beverages featuring top shelf spirits, suggesting the perfect fine wine pairing, and keeping frosty Alaska micro brews stocked and ready to pour.

He or she is ideally also a trained sommelier, or at minimum has a working knowledge of wine service and helps train other staff on our service standards. Along with the culinary team, they suggest pairings that will best complement the menu. This requires experience and knowledge with how food and wine, beer, spirits and other beverages work in harmony.

Dinner Service: After happy hour, transition to the dining room where we present a multi-course, prix fixe menu with wine pairings, and open hand service. This includes an intimate knowledge of the menu and familiarity with local ingredients. For well-timed, choreographed food delivery, communication and cooperation with the chef and other servers is essential.

After Dinner: Continue bar beverage service after the meal as guests move outside to the bonfire or back to the lounge. Ensure the guests are attended to as you complete your sidework duties of busing, restocking and inventory, washing and polishing flatware and glassware, assisting with dishwashing, and resetting the bar and dining room.

Although each staff member specializes in a specific job, you may be asked to assist with grounds keeping, landscaping, maintenance, portering, luggage, housekeeping, other kitchen duties and ongoing camp chores. This requires the ability to prioritize daily duties with flexibility and readiness to transition between jobs.


  • A working smartphone with cellular service
  • Current Alaska  food handler certificate ServSafe >
  • ‚ÄčTraining for Alcohol Professionals Card TAP >


As well as an array of benefits, this person also receives:

  • Hourly wage with overtime
  • Room and board in our shared staff quarters
  • A share of tips
  • Employees who remain committed to Stillpoint for the duration of their contract and complete all job requirements will qualify for a bonus at the end of the season.


May - September
We welcome staff members who can stay fully focused on the Stillpoint community for their entire contract. We ask you commit to a flexible schedule in compliance with the State of Alaska's wage and hour requirements to include a 10 hour workday. We do not provide holidays, vacation, severance or sick pay, retirement benefits nor health insurance beyond workers compensation.



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