Life at a Remote Lodge

Halibut Cove is a small community surrounded by the sea, away from the road system. Stillpoint is separated by water from the rest of this island community. Just a 5-minute kayak paddle to the island offers recreation, the coffee shop, post office, art galleries, restaurant, weekly softball games and more. We encourage independence and empower all staff members to hone their individual kayaking skills. A 45-minute kayak paddle lends access to Kachemak Bay State Park. The nearby town of Homer is accessible by lodge boat or water taxi.

Staffers may choose to spend their days-off in Homer, or remain here at Stillpoint in this setting of great natural beauty. The long daylight hours of summer delights those who enjoy nature, reading, painting, photography, hiking and kayaking. The remote, rustic nature of “the cove” is heightened by spotty cell phone reception. Staffers who bring their own laptop feel more connected to the outside world via free Wi-Fi.

Be prepared to adapt to our environment. Often, self-reflection and meeting the demands of a full work-load go hand in hand. Work days are long and enthusiasm is a must.

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Our staff quarters are shared accommodations right on the ocean with a stunning view. Half of the employees have his or her own private bedroom adjacent to three shared bathrooms, staff center lounge, kitchen, large deck and dock system on the ocean facing the mountains. Be prepared to see plenty of wildlife and stairs!

It is our common goal to focus on keeping an eye on repairs, remembering safety, reusing and recycling, eliminating waste, reducing environmental impact and increasing sustainability of the facilities and resources used at Stillpoint.

Living in harmony with others is part of our daily practice. Having experience with living cooperatively is recommended. Staff must be able to work and live together in a professional manor.

We invite you to consider the realities of working in such a remote location and living in close proximity with others.


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Life at a Remote Lodge


"I worked at Stillpoint Lodge for the summer season, 2015. I will always look back at the Stillpoint experience as being one of the most unique, healthy, clean living experiences of my life. It was an opportunity to meet dynamic personalities from all over the world, work hard, play hard, step out of my comfort zone, push my limits, the best sleep, and nature constantly unfolding at my doorstep! I lost 20 lbs!
Halibut Cove itself is a culture of hard work and boat life. A landscape out of a dream, it features floating houses and boardwalks, weekly softball, paddle boards, whale watching, oyster farms and lots of nature! It is a small, tight community of artists of all sorts. Working at Stillpoint gave me the opportunity to explore and witness these best parts of life in Alaska~

The Lodge is in a picture perfect location within Halibut Cove and you won't find better staff quarters! Amazing view, full kitchen, anything you need and importantly, privacy!
I have a lot of respect for the management here. Simply put, no one works harder than Beka & Lucas. They are right there with you the entire season through!
It's a priceless opportunity to take the time for oneself as a summer at Stillpoint will offer its employees. Countless hours in a kayak was a recharge for my mind, body and spirit, I very much appreciate and cherish the experience!"


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