How to Apply

How to Apply

Stillpoint employs intentionally mindful, healthy and outgoing individuals with a proven commitment to first-class hospitality and environmental conservation. We invite mature, positive, open-minded individuals to apply for this unique opportunity.

Working at Stillpoint Lodge is fun, demanding and rewarding.

This job provides an environment conducive to continued personal and professional growth. Our staff commits to participation in social activities designed to help further our sense of community. We have earned a reputation as a cohesive team that provides the very best positive experience for our guests.

Periodic critiques of job performance, work issues, communal living, attitude, etc. include self-evaluation and one-on-one meetings with the manager. We connect regularly with each other in group meetings and team-building sessions.

How To Apply

Spend some time reading through our website and consider whether you are an eligible and like-minded candidate for our special team of employees. Please note that a working smartphone with cellular service is required for every position. If you are confident that this remote eco-lodge is the right setting for you... please follow these instructions.

Submit by email the following information, numbered and in this order to [email protected]:

Subject: Application for (POSITION)


  1. The position(s) you are interested in.
  2. Confirm that you are indeed available for your position's entire term.
  3. A paragraph about why you are interested in working with us.
  4. A description of your applicable experiences.
  5. The name, relationship and phone number for three (3) professional references.


  1. Your current resume in PDF format
  2. A recent photo of yourself

Due to the high volume of applicants, incomplete submissions will not be considered. Please follow instructions.

No phone calls ~ please.


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How to Apply
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Our staff members are:

  • focused on first-class hospitality
  • eco-minded and outdoorsy
  • friendly and personable to all types of people
  • fun and light-hearted
  • eager to follow a healthy and sustainable diet, including lots of fresh, organic vegetables
  • healthy, well-groomed, clean and tidy
  • physically fit, active and free from injury
  • able to frequently and safely lift 50 pounds
  • hard-working for up to 12 hours a day
  • content to sustain long periods silence when needed
  • intentionally detail oriented
  • mindful of themselves and others
  • punctual and courteous
  • flexible to transition quickly between duties
  • gracefully accepting of redirection and feedback
  • prepared to live with all types of weather, extreme tides, ocean travel, interactions with wildlife and long hours of daylight
  • able to communicate by email daily
  • free from substance abuse
  • free from familial or pet obligations

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