Do you love working with boats and people?

Our captains are proficient in small boat handling, prepared for a trip at any time, and are interested in educating our guests on local history, nature and wildlife. Also trains and oversees deckhands.

Marina Manager & Maintenance:
With 12 acres of land, over 20 buildings and numerous boats, docks and vehicles, maintenance is an ongoing necessity. This individual works with the lead maintenance manager on groundskeeping, upkeep of boats, vehicles, various lodge facilities, and special projects. The ability to assess, problem solve and utilize available resources is a daily practice. Experience with mechanical repair is a plus! Must be physically fit and highly capable for materials hauling, dirty jobs, and use of power tools.

Our captains are part of our guide team! We require strong, confident and well-spoken individuals to lead day trips and maintain an extensive recreational equipment inventory. The ability to understand the daily influences of the weather, wind and currents is required, as well as being comfortable with boats and aircraft. The days are especially long and demanding. Our guides must have the passion to stay positive, entertaining and compassionate for the needs of the guests, and continuously foster the ideals of stewardship.


Although each staff member specializes in a specific job, you will assist with grounds keeping, landscaping, luggage, recycling and refuse management, cleaning, dishwashing and ongoing camp chores. This requires the ability to prioritize daily duties with flexibility and readiness to transition between jobs.


  • Current USCG credentials (25 ton minimum)
  • TWIC Card, clean record, and current First Aid/CPR
  • A working smartphone with cellular service




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As well as an array of benefits, this person also receives:

  • Monthly salary
  • Room and board in our shared staff quarters
  • A share of tips
  • Employees who remain committed to Stillpoint for the duration of their contract and complete all job requirements will qualify for a bonus at the end of the season.


April - September
We welcome staff members who can stay fully focused on the Stillpoint community for their entire contract. We do not provide holidays, vacation, severance or sick pay, retirement benefits nor health insurance beyond workers compensation.


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