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wedding ceremonies in alaska

Great Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

July 05, 2019

Wedding Ceremonies in Alaska

As crazy as it might seem if you have never been to Alaska, we are one of the most popular destinations for wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies in Alaska have become extremely popular due to the luxury lodge and nature vacations available. In fact, 20% of Alaska's visitors used a lodge for their stay.

What does that mean for your wedding day? Perhaps a wedding ceremonies in Alaska combined with an authentic Alaska vacation for a honeymoon is the way to go. In addition to being host to some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery around, wedding ceremonies in Alaska are extremely popular due to our lodge and resort stay that makes it comfortable for the Bride and Groom as well as guests. After the wedding ceremony is over, Alaska is a great place to spend a honeymoon with dozens of attractions from incredible fishing experiences, wildlife tours, and even visiting some of the most famous glaciers around.

As we have helped host dozens of wedding ceremonies in Alaska, we have learned a few things about how to make the most out of an outdoor wedding ceremony. Here are some of our top tips to help you prepare:

Hosting an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Be Sure its Comfortable: Consider the weather at the time of year where you will be hosting your wedding ceremony. If it's going to be sunny and hot, be sure there are places for your guests to refresh themselves and cool off. Make sure ice cold water is available too. One creative idea is to have your wedding program printed on a fan so that guests may use it to cool themselves during the ceremony. During cooler months, be prepared for the opposite. Warm drinks, blankets, and coat hangers. If you need help preparing, give us a call. We can help advise you on the best course of action and the best times of year to host your wedding ceremony in Alaska. We will even do all of the preparation for you so that you can relax and enjoy the day.

Have a Backup Plan Ready: Weather can be a bit unpredictable. If it rains, you should have a backup plan in place. We have indoor rooms on site in the event that rain or some other unforeseen item comes up. Additionally, if the wedding ceremony is hosted outside, it is common to move the reception inside for the evening so it doesn't get too cool and so you can control the lighting and music. If an indoor area on site isn't an option, consider having a large tent ready. This only works for light to moderate rain storms however.

When it comes to weather, also plan for wind. There will be a little bit of wind blowing almost any day you choose. As you are picking out your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, avoid light fabrics like chiffons and china silks, as these will be difficult to manage with any wind. Also plan accordingly for how you decide to do your hair.

Think About the Audio: Because you are hosting your wedding ceremony outside, be sure to host it in an area where all of the guests can hear. Sometimes mic lapels are necessary with a speaker system, but usually you can due without if you plan accordingly. Be sure to have them ready as a back up just in case though, as if wind picks up or there are other outdoor noises, it will be difficult to hear.

Decorations: One of the great advantages of hosting a wedding ceremony outdoors is that you have plenty of natural decorations all around. There should still be a little work put in with decorations, whether it is the addition of flowers, streamers, or some other colorful splash. Coordinate with us ahead of time and we can help be sure the perfect decorations are up to match with your colors for the wedding. Lighting is also very important for outdoor weddings. Be sure that as the sun sets, there is appropriate lighting for the event.

Food and Drinks: Make sure your caterer has experience with an outdoor wedding. It is best to avoid dishes that must be served cold, as they will quickly warm up when outside.

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