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Vendor Spotlight: Alpenglow Skincare, Handmade in Alaska with Sustainable & Wildcrafted Ingredients

December 16, 2018

“Stillpoint Lodge cares about their customer experience in similar ways to how we do at Alpenglow; basically, choosing quality before cost. We make quality, handcrafted skin and hair care products sourcing from our organically home-grown herbs and flowers, and wildcrafted botanicals from Alaskan meadows. We make our products entirely by hand, from scratch using only 100% natural, and mostly organic ingredients. You’ll find nothing synthetic or artificial in any of our products, including the scent. We scent only with essential oils and of course the botanicals we grow and harvest.  

"Most skin and hair care manufacturers ‘contract manufacture’; they buy mixes and bases and only add scent and color and throw their label on it, like buying frozen cookie dough versus making cookies from scratch. At Alpenglow, we do things completely different. I like to draw the analogy that our products are like food for our skin and hair. If we were making a lasagna, we’d start the sauce from our homegrown heirloom tomatoes and optimally harvested basil. We’d milk our cows to make the cheese. We’d harvest moose for the meat and we’d make our own noodles from organic wheat that we’d grown and milled ourselves. This type of lasagna is incredibly time consuming and we’d gladly toiled many hours before we even enter the kitchen. It’s so much healthier, tastes incredible, and ecologically it’s so much better than anything you can find in the freezer at the store. In our opinion, everything about the Alpenglow ‘lasagna’ is better than the commercial lasagna… yes, they are both lasagnas, but only one resonates with wellness.

"The commercial skin and haircare industry directs a large portion of your money into the marketing, packaging, overhead, transport, advertising, legal defense and insurance of their corporation. At Alpenglow, you are getting a premium, handcrafted product at an incredible value from an authentic Alaska family operation. Money spent with us is an investment that affords us the time and lifestyle to slowly craft pure, effective products with real, organic ingredients. Only healthy, trustworthy, wholesome ingredients benefit both our body and the planet as well.

"You’ll love, no, you’ll covet our products -- just like you haven’t found a lasagna to match your Italian grandmother’s two-day homemade lasagna.

"Premium, handcrafted, concentrated, Alaskan skin & haircare products-- that’s what Alpenglow is all about. It’s just our little family growing and harvesting wild plants and mixing and pouring soap, lotion, lip balm…We’ve been in Alaska for 23 years and we don’t ever plan on leaving.”

Thank for taking the time to share with us Susan!

Check out Alpenglow's website and blog to learn more about this passionate family... and access their webstore for domestic and international shipping of their full line of skin and hair care products and gift cards Alpenglow Skin Care

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