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Delta Sky Magazine

October 18, 2016

"Like so many of us, I work just about nonstop. Perhaps as a tonic to my hectic, all consuming career, I have become something of a health and wellness junkie. Which is not to say I travel with cold-pressed juices in a cooler like my Angeleno pals. Nor am I gluten-free or down on dairy, but I have tried my share of colonics and juice fasts. Chia seeds on my salad? "Absolutely," I say. And don't even get me started on my adventures with the ThighMaster and other "As seen on TV" products that promised to change my life forever."...

"Let's just say I dabble in the health and wellness space-- advanced dabbling. But layer travel into the wellness equation, and I'm all in!" ...

"With all of this empirical knowledge under my belt-- literally-- why is it that my weight yo-yos like a seismic monitor in the film San Andreas? Self control. And I am working on that. "You need to get your head and your heart in line," my life coach tells me regularly.

Still, I love  agood health and wellness excursion, and while a weeklong donse of an alternate reality might not be an eternal panacea, it certainly dones't hurt. Here are a few of the far-flung escapes to help you recalibrate and reorient as we move toward the next year-- from mental health retreats to handcore yoga santuary, a hiker's nirvana and sybaritic spot in the Tuscan hills to take the waters. Dive in and find your own bliss."

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