Irresistible Reasons to Vacation in Alaska

January 28, 2020

When most people think about Alaska, they tend to think about the grizzly bears and frozen tundra. However, when it comes to breathtaking natural landscapes, jaw-dropping scenery, majestic mountains, clear lakes, glaciers, and unspoiled nature, The Last Frontier has it all.

When it comes to beauty, Alaska is far from being the 49th state. There is so much to see, so much to do, and some of the best lodges and resorts in the world. It may seem like a difficult state to reach for most, but with all the reasons below, going there will be well worth your while.

The Beautiful Glaciers

Alaska has some of the most incredible glaciers in the world. They go far beyond just packs of ice, and once they move, they leave behind some quite amazing geographical features. You’ll get to enjoy the crisp air and pale blue glacier ice, which is a beauty to behold.

The Most Scenic Drives

Alaska has some unforgettable scenery and counts as one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the US. You’ll especially enjoy summer and fall when the trees have different colors, and the wildlife is teeming. You’ll get to enjoy scenic drives, and if you happen to be a photographer, you’ll have a field day. The mixture of mountains, wildlife, oceans, and greenery is to die for, and the best part is there is rarely traffic.

Amazing Wildlife

If you like wildlife, Alaska happens to be one of the best places to spot wildlife. You’ll get to see whales, sea lions, seals, bears, and bald eagles from a distance. If you decide to take a cruise, you can get incredibly close to whales. You can also take boat tours that usually include entertainment and meals. If you travel further into Alaska, you may get to see wolves, Dall sheep, and moose.

The Native Culture and History

Alaska has some rich culture and history waiting to be explored. There are unique museums where you’ll learn about the state’s culture and history through artifacts, displays, and paintings.

Unique Adventures

The Alaska landscape offers some of the most unique adventures most travelers have ever experienced. It matters very little what time of year you visit because this is like an outdoor paradise. You’ll have a great time at a cozy lodge, kayak, hike, river raft, fish, and flight-see. You can also indulge yourself in glacier hiking, ice climbing, and camping at a lodge. Winter is the best time to spot ice fish, go hot spring dipping, heli-skiing, and watching the northern lights.

Watch the Northern Lights

The sun is usually up a lot during the summer season in Alaska, and it could stretch as much as 18 hours, known as the midnight sun. During winters, however, the opposite holds true. The most beneficial thing about this is that you’ll see the mesmerizing aurora lights in their splendor. This is a lifetime experience you’ll want to see if only one time.

The Towering Mountains

You’ll find the tallest mountains in North America here, and they are plenty if you enjoy the wilderness and quietness in some of the lesser-known towns and villages in Alou love to explore. You can also do hardcore mountaineering if that’s your thing or hiking. If not, you can go sightseeing and take photographs of the mountains to your heart’s content. If you want to get away from it all, you can find a cozy lodge.

Visit Alaska!

In addition to all these, Alaska vacations tend to be some of the best. You can choose an Alaska lodge that meets all your expectations, or an Alaska resort and get to enjoy all the amenities they offer. Here at Alaska Stillpoint Lodge, you’ll enjoy the best cuisines made with fresh organic produce and the most unforgettable adventures.

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