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top places to stay in alaska

5 Major Attractions To See On Your Next Alaska Vacation

June 04, 2018

The state of Alaska has a lot to offer. In fact, Alaska has more than 75 parks, preserves, monuments, refuges, national forests, and historical sites.

It's no wonder that Alaska welcomed almost 2 million visitors in only five months during 2016. Vacationers can relax and enjoy the great outdoors like nowhere else.

5 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Alaska

Luxury lodges are some of the top places to stay in Alaska. But for those vacation days when you want to adventure outside your lodge, here are some of the top-rated tourist attractions to experience.

  1. University of Alaska Museum of the North. The University of Alaska Museum of the North is a place for history lovers. The museum contains over 1 million natural history artifacts and historical pieces. These pieces include Alaskan art, prehistoric finds, and paleontology specimens.

  2. Alaska Native Heritage Center. Alaska wouldn't be Alaska without its 11 major cultural groups. The Alaska Native Heritage Center offers visitors the chance to experience the art, music, and culture of Native Alaskans. In the Gathering Place, you can experience storytelling and dancing. And in the Hall of Cultures you can buy from local vendors displaying handmade art and crafts.

  3. Alaska Highway. The Route 66 of Alaska, the Alaska Highway was built in 1942. It runs from Dawson Creek in British Columbia all the way through Yukon Territory to Delta Junction. The highway is a favorite among travelers. Shops, gas stations, and motels are also offered between 30 to 50 miles.

  4. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. This is Alaska's largest national park. In fact, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park has nine out of the 16 highest peaks in the United States. This park contains glaciers, lakes, and mountain streams for those who are fond of exploring wildlife. It's a favorite of walkers, water sports fans, and walkers.

  5. Mendenhall Glacier. The Mendenhall Glacier is an incredible sight. In fact, it's nearly 37 miles long. Visitors who want a closer look at this ice beast can take a kayaking or rafting trip among the icebergs. Wildlife sightings are also common near the Mendenhall Glacier including beavers, porcupines, and black bear.

If you're looking for some of the top places to stay in Alaska, Stillpoint Lodge has what you're looking for. From luxury lodges to all-inclusive resorts, we offer the authentic Alaska vacation you've always wanted. To learn more about our luxury Alaska resorts, contact Stillpoint Lodge today.

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