3 Tips On Planning Your Alaska Family Vacation

February 18, 2020

It can be difficult to decide where to go for your next family vacation. If you've already experienced the theme parks in Orlando, beautiful beaches of Hawaii, and even the magnificent vistas of the southwest, what's next? For a lot of people, the next frontier is perhaps one of the last frontiers of America, where much of the land remains unconquered and natural beauty is boundless - this is to say Alaska. Alaska may not immediately come to mind when you think of a family vacation, in part because most of us think of Alaska during the winter. However, it's not all frigid winter weather and retro towns. If you stay at a luxury lodge in Alaska, you'll have all the incredible experiences of an amazing nature vacation, with all of the creature comforts of the all-inclusive vacations you're probably used to. If you're still on the fence about staying at a luxury lodge in Alaska and are not sure about what to do there, we're here to help. Below are a few things to consider before deciding on whether or not to book your stay at a luxury lodge in Alaska.


1. Think About When To Go


It's true that you'll have to do a bit more research about when to go on a family vacation to Alaska than you when planning a trip to, say, Florida. Alaska may not be the ideal place for a Christmas getaway, due to its colder winter weather. Fortunately, Alaska's best travel seasons still coincide with your kid's summer vacation. The Alaska Travel Industry Association reports that 1,857,000 visitors came from out of state to visit Alaska between May and September 2016. Summer in Alaska is warm, but not blazing hot in the way that many vacation spots in the United States are at that time of year. Furthermore, you'll have more daylight hours during the summer than you would during the winter when daylight can be extremely scarce. You'll definitely be able to get the most out of Alaska during the high summer months, and as it's not an overly popular vacation destination, you won't have to compete with tons of other tourists for the best lodging.


2. Consider A Fishing Package


If your family has never gone fishing together before, you're missing out! Fishing is a great bonding activity, and it's much more exciting in Alaska where you can not only catch high-quality fish but have it prepared for you the same day! Due to the popularity of Alaska fishing trips, there are a variety of different fishing packages available to fit everyone's needs. You can have your fishing package coordinated to accommodate the skill levels of everyone in your family, so nobody will feel left out if they're perhaps less experienced in the art of fishing. Furthermore, many of the best fishing spots in Alaska also offer amazing photo ops - you won't want to skip over this particular experience.


3. Book Through Your Accommodations


If you're staying at a luxury lodge in Alaska, chances are that they can handle a lot of your excursions for you -- and this is often not only more cost-efficient, but safer than simply looking for someone who advertises their services online. Your concierge will be able to help you find companies that can give you what you want, while at the same time providing the highest level of service. While in Alaska, you'll want to consider hiking, horseback riding, indulging in a bit of wildlife photography, and depending on the time of year, even dog sledding! The sky is really the limit when you're working with the right people.


Alaska offers once in a lifetime experiences, and you'll want to make the most of your Alaska family vacation. We recommend making this vacation one you splurge on - you won't regret it!

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