3 Ways To Prepare For An Alaska Trip

March 16, 2020

People have grown bored with the same old vacation spots. Once upon a time, visiting the white sandy beaches of Hawaii or the Bahamas seemed like a unique experience; however, the typical vacation resorts have become boring, and many are looking for more. After all, most people only have a limited amount of vacation time, and any vacation is likely to cost a good amount of money. People want to spend their time and money on an experience they can't get anywhere else, versus the type of theme park visit that anyone can access if they spend enough. This is what has led lots of travelers to consider traveling to Alaska. Alaska's vacation resorts are unlike any others that the country has to offer. As it's not connected to the continental United States, Alaska has a truly unique culture. It's an untamed wilderness, and its nature vacations are truly authentic, in comparison to the types of canned vacations that a lot of people find themselves stuck within tired locations.

Of course, as Alaska offers truly unique opportunities, it also asks a bit more of travelers. You can basically know what to expect from Florida and Hawaii. What you'll find in Alaska is different, and you should prepare accordingly. Many people think that all Alaska vacation resorts were created equally, and that they can expect the same basic qualities from all Alaska vacations. However, it's one thing to stay at Alaska log cabins that are truly meant for tourists. It's another thing entirely to go for the cheapest option, which may very well be a true log cabin, lack of running water and all, that is in the real middle of nowhere. Remember that 52% of Alaska's land is real wilderness. You'll have the time of your life if you visit a great Alaska vacation resort; however, your Alaska vacation will require a bit of planning. So, what should you focus on when planning and prepping for your visit to Alaska?

1. Keep Daylight In Mind

Chances are that you're familiar with Alaska's harsh winter weather, so you'll avoid visiting the state during that particular time of year. However, you might not realize that Alaska has more daylight than other states, which might be a bit jarring for outsiders. The further north you go when visiting the state, the more daylight you'll experience. Whether more daylight is a pro or a con is really up to you. But if you visit north of Fairbanks, you'll experience 24 hours of daylight per day. Obviously, this will change slightly from season to season, but if you have a hard time sleeping during the day, make sure to stay at a lodge that has blackout curtains!

2. Prepare To Interact With Animals

One way or another, it's hard to miss interacting with animals during an Alaska vacation; and if you skipped the state's natural, wild beauty, you'd be missing out. Many people visit the state to go fishing, ahead of which you will want to make sure that you have the right licenses. You certainly won't want to miss out on hiking, where you may encounter moose, wolves, or even bears; though obviously, you won't want to get too close! The key to staying safe during these types of experiences is hiking with a well-trained guide. But if that sounds a bit too wild for you, there are plenty of other experiences you can try that are unique to Alaska. For example, you might want to follow in the footsteps of Alaskans before you and go dog-sledding!

3. Dress For Any Weather

Even during the summer, you may experience extreme weather when visiting Alaska, and storms can hit quickly and without much warning. It's best to bring layers on your Alaska vacation. That way, if there's a cold snap during your warm weather vacation, you can layer up and stay warm. Bring wool socks, heavy gloves, and boots that are ready for snow and mud alike. This is key not only to comfort, but safety as well.

Don't be intimidated if you're going on your first Alaska vacation. It will offer you once in a lifetime experiences; just be prepared for something different!

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