The Top Misconceptions About Alaskan Travel Debunked: Why It's the Perfect Travel Destination

September 26, 2019

So you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and wish to see everything the world has to offer?

From the most dazzling beaches to the busiest of cities, you may have seen it all. But unless you’ve crossed the beautiful state of Alaska off your list, you haven’t encountered one of the most gorgeous landscapes on the globe. Though there are many preconceived notions about the area, planning an Alaskan getaway is actually the best way to unwind. Continue reading to find out about these debunked misconceptions.

It’s too cold to visit

Often, when people think of their dream vacation, they’ll imagine sitting on a sandy beach under the blazing hot sun. While many folks don’t want to spend their time bundled up and huddling by the fireplace for warmth, it makes sense why people would want to avoid an Alaskan vacation. However, this idea of thinking is far from the truth because:

1. It does not snow year-round in Alaska.

2. And temperatures reach the perfect height in this beautiful American state during the warmer months.

The weather varies, just like in any other state. So know, you won’t be stuck in the snow all day. During the summer months, temperatures can reach a gorgeous seventy degrees Fahrenheit—the perfect weather for hiking, biking, and exploring the natural habitat.

Unlike when visiting a tropical area, you won’t have to worry about the heat or humidity if you stay outdoors for too long. Which is a huge plus if you truly want to explore the city you’re in.

Alaska is a boring state

Alaska is far from the boring state people think it is. Thankfully, there is something for every member of the family to do. Whether you want to have a fast-paced day, filled with whale watching, canoeing and exploring, or you want to take it easy— Alaska is the place for you. Alaska is particularly great for artists, looking to find a relaxing and inspiring place to work. Write or paint near one of the stunning lakes.

There’s no sunlight in Alaska

Again, this is absolutely not true!

While many people believe the entire state undergoes a long winter, void of any sunlight, this only applies to certain areas of the state. Usually, the tiny towns in the northernmost region known as the tip of the world.

If you make the journey to Alaska during the summertime, you won’t even have to worry about these dark and sunless days and can expect it to rise and fall like it normally does back home.

There are no quality places to stay in Alaska

Tourism is bustling in Alaska. You won’t struggle to find an Alaskan resort that will cater to your every need. 20% of international visitors have used a lodge for their stay while vacationing in the summer. Finding the perfect all-inclusive resort is just the cherry on top of your stay.

Experience the natural beauty and stay at the perfect Alaskan resort

These a just a handful of debunked misconceptions about this dream vacation spot. If you wish to breathe in the fresh air and experience the natural beauty of the land, book your stay at the perfect Alaskan resort.

You’ll fall in love instantly and realize just how wrong these misconceptions are.

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