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Step Inside:
Virtual 3D Tour of Stillpoint Lodge

August 16, 2017


A stay at Stillpoint Lodge is all about nature... the boat trip across the bay, the trees, the ocean, the fishing, moutain scenery, flying through fjords, wildlife encounters by kayak, the garden and the flowers and the food... but we happen to have some pretty amazing facilities, too. The unique beauty and stunning architecture of Stillpoint Lodge can only truly be appreciated in person... to see such a sizeable and detailed structure in this remote, boat-in only location is quite remarkable.

But now with new innovative technologies and software rendering capabilities, Glenn Aronwits of GA Panorams of Anchorage, Alaska was able to create an astounding 3D virtual tour. Perhaps it will entice more of our cyber-visitors to come visit in person and experience Stillpoint Lodge for themselves.

The 3D scanning and imaging is done with a special infrared camera placed in various locations throughout each building. It creates an accurate, life-like, interactive image that is unlike traditional “virtual walk-through” technology... this is a fully immersive experience. Navigate the whole lodge and all of our cabins in first-person as if you were walking right through each space, seeing it as it is in real life. Zoom out to see the whole scan at once and get a feel for the layout. View the 3D scans from above to get an accurate feel for the dimensions, layout and floorplan.

See all the Cabins and Lodge Virtual Tours

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