What to Do in Alaska This Winter

December 27, 2019

As you approach this festive winter season, you might be wondering about the best vacation spot for your family. Winter is not the most entertaining period, which makes you highly tempted to head to the Caribbean to enjoy some warm sandy beaches.

However, you don’t have to go out of the country for a vacation spot. Alaska is your ultimate winter vacation spot with all the things you have wanted to see and experience in your life. If you are wondering why you should spend your winter vacation in Alaska, find out below.

Partaking in Winter Fishing Experiences

If you are a fishing enthusiast, visiting an Alaskan vacation spot during the winter will give you ultimate joy. Alaska fishing lakes are spread across the wilderness, so it's up to you to decide the best lake at which to camp for fishing activities. Thousands of people embark annually on Alaska fishing trips, so it's a popular option -- but because these experiences are so spread-out, you won't worry about overcrowding. More than 11% of people who visited Alaska came to fish, meaning it's a top travel destination for anglers from around the world.

Enjoying the Wilderness

Enjoying the wilderness during the winter doesn't always sound like an option. However, there is no way you can ever resist the urge to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness during the colder months. With thousands of natural trees and untouched vegetation, you will get an opportunity to experience what people in major cities around the country don’t get to see. Even when temperatures turn cold, you won't want to miss out on the serenity this state can provide.

Relaxing in the Hot Springs

Another beautiful experience that makes Alaska the best vacation spot is the number of relaxing hot springs around the state. There is nothing better than sinking into steaming hot springs in winter. If you want to unwind in relaxing hot springs, Chena Hot Springs is your ultimate destination. Forget the experience of a hot bathtub and enjoy the naturally occurring hot springs that are present all-year-round. It’s a beautiful experience that will give you another perception when it comes to Alaska as a vacation spot.

Skating On the Ice

If you want to capture the magic of wintertime, you have to engage in ice skating. There is no better place for you to participate in ice skating activities than Alaska. With frozen lakes and large ice fields, Alaska allows you to engage in ice skating activities without any distractions. This is also the best place where you can teach your children everything ice skating. If you don’t have your ice skates, you will come across ice skating areas that are renting ice skates for your entertainment purposes.

Taking in Natural Beauty

If you are looking for a vacation spot where you will get a beautiful nature experience, Alaska is the best. With natural trees, flowers, wild animals, birds, and mountains, you will get a chance to experience nature in its totality. Even the lodges are located in natural environments where there is very little or no environmental pollution. The fact that you will get a lodge located outside the city speaks volumes about nature vacations in Alaska.

Staying at a Luxury Alaska Resort

Don’t become fixated on the idea that Alaska is a remote state that has very little or no modern life. If you are looking for top places to stay in Alaska, you will get an opportunity to spend your time in a luxury lodge. Most of the luxury hotels in Alaska provide all-inclusive vacations. You don’t have to worry about places to stay in Alaska as everything will be sorted out.

Are you looking for a luxury resort to spend your time when in Alaska vacation? At Stillpoint Lodge, we provide all-inclusive vocational services. We’re a luxury Alaskan resort with all the necessary vocational services. We are located at the edge of the wilderness, which allows us to provide the best natural environment.

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