Caught Up In Alaska Fishing -- What You Should Know

March 18, 2020

Alaska is a perfect place for family vacations. Alaska lodge and resort packages range from nature packages, well-being packages, and fishing and other sports packages. They are typically available from May through September, the months when most families plan their vacations. The fishing lodge packages are one of the most popular with nearly 50% of visitors choosing fishing as part of their Alaska all inclusive vacation. And why not? Alaska is well known for its freshwater and saltwater fishing. Here's what you should know about fishing in Alaska with the whole family.


Freshwater Fishing


You can start off your Alaska lodge and resort freshwater fishing trip by hiking to the local riverside fishing location. You can bring your own materials, but all the fishing gear and expert assistance will be a part of the package. Keep in mind that the salmon runs go from May through August for King Chinook salmon or July through August for the Red Sockeyes and Coho (silver) salmon.


Another freshwater option is rainbow trout fishing on one of Alaska’s mountain lakes. This lasts virtually all summer long. You can fish from the lakeshore or take a kayak out onto the lake to do your fishing.


Saltwater Fishing


Saltwater fishing is a common excursion offered by Alaska lodge and resorts, which commonly features halibut, rockfish, and salmon. Since salmon are born in freshwaters and migrate to saltwater areas, these fish are caught throughout Alaska.


Keep in mind that these trips will often offer other activities, like nature tours and culinary demonstrations. Parents will love giving their children the opportunity to learn while on vacation.

Booking a fishing excursion as part of an all inclusive resort in Alaska is one of the best ways to venture into the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness. Adding hiking and kayaking to your all-inclusive vacation for outdoor enthusiasts makes getting caught up in Alaska fishing even more fun.

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