Why Alaska Is the Perfect Family Getaway Destination

January 15, 2020

If you’re planning a family trip, then you probably have a lot of places on your mind. While France or the Bahamas are very viable destinations, they might not be so pocket-friendly. It makes no sense to skimp your family budget for a few days of vacation.

You don’t have to break the bank for a few days of vacation or even go out of the country for some good fun family time. Alaska is the perfect vacation destination for any family looking for a novel and memorable time.

This piece will show you why Alaska with its awesome lodges is the perfect family trip or vacation destination, provided you stay in the right place. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll start planning your Alaska trip right away.

Why Alaska is Perfect for Family Getaways

When most people think of Alaska, they picture the vast snow caps or the lush green wilderness. That alone is enough to make the perfect destination for some folks. That said, however, Alaska has much more to offer than its snow capes and thick forests bursting with wildlife. Here are a few things that make Alaska the ideal destination for your family trip.

1. You Get to Go Camping

Camping is one of those activities that are way better when with family. A family camp is an excellent activity to strengthen those family bonds and learn about Alaska. While camping, you can roast marshmallows while telling scary stories about the many Alaskan urban legends like the “Saberwolf” that is said to roam around the wilderness.

You can also learn a lot about Alaska from its native population, its flora and fauna, how far Alaska stretches, and also learn about its lake.

Alaska is the perfect camping destination because of the proximity of the natural environment to urban settings. Be one with nature, but still close enough to get a Twix bar when you crave some sweet treats.

2. Plenty of Luxurious Lodges

Vacations are a time to relax and unwind. As such, you need proper accommodation for you and your family, and Alaska has just that. Alaska all inclusive lodges are among the best the country has to offer. With exceptional servicing and excellent facilities from private cabins for those special moments to private docks. Couple that with some fine dining, and you have a vacation worth envying.

So when the camping tents aren’t as comfortable to remember, you can always settle for the more Alaska log cabins or even a good Alaska luxury resort.

3. You Can Do Some Fishing

For some good quality father-son time, consider going to the lake and do some fishing. You can enjoy world-class fishing in Alaska while absorbing the beautiful seascape and its surrounding thriving landscape. Do you think you can catch the much-coveted rainbow trout? Put your fishing skills to the test and catch some sockeyes, silvers, or kings. Hopefully, you’ll catch yourself a big one so you have something to show off.

Any fishing enthusiast will have a blast in Alaska but do some fishing with your sons or daughters, and you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience.

4. Take a Small Boat tour

Small boat tours are an ideal way to explore the vast Alaska region. These aren’t just ordinary tours, they are tours that offer a novel experience hard to find anywhere else. The experience will be all the more wholesome when surrounded with family or the friendly Alaska locals who always have something to smile about

5. Ferry trip

If the boat doesn’t fit your fancy, why don’t you take the ferry instead? There are plenty of ferry itineraries for families so find one that suits your family well. Make reservations in advance and maybe even get a berth for your family.

Start Planning Your Trip today

Alaska has plenty to offer for the individual and the entire family. Start booking your Alaska trip today for the time of a lifetime. Remember, for a comfortable and luxurious stay always consider Alaska luxurious lodges for the comfort, leisure and treatment you deserve.

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